In this section there are some resources of common interest.

Collection of various instructional books and notes clipboard collected over the years. Technical issues of Electronics and Telecommunications, in Italian and English. All documents are “No-copyright”, open source, free to browse.

In addition, some items on the Linux operating system, free installation and creative for its endless possibilities. Collection of some of the most used software dedicated to Amateur radio.

Finally, you will find some resources to the DX Cluster, APRS, the tool-WW LOCATOR and a nice space dedicated to our friends of the ISS.

And much more! Have fun!

  • Ebook
  • Clipboard
  • AMPR Net (IT)
  • WW-Locator (IT)
  • DX Cluster (IT)
  • DXC Accesso Telnet (IT)
  • Contest Calendar
  • LINUX (IT)
    • Linux Soundmodem (IT)
  • Ham Search
  • ISS Tracker
  • APRS (IT)
    • WEB APRS Google (IT)
    • WEB APRS Java (IT)
  • Frequency Allocations
  • HF Band Plans
  • Repeater VHF
  • Repeater UHF

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