AOR AR-DV1 – Analog and digital voice receiver (EN)








AOR AR-DV1 is a stand-alone SDR receiver which can receive both analog and digital transmissions. It is compatible with many popular digital modes:

  • DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
  • dPMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio)
  • D-Star
  • APCO-25
  • NXDN
  • Yaesu Digital
  • Alinco Digital
  • Digital-CR
  • AOR G4GUO (=used in ARD9000/9800)

Main Features:AR-DV1-4

・100kHz-1300MHz Wide-band reception
・Multi-mode digital demodulation
・All mode analog reception
・Memory scan
・NR,notch,digi-data display
・Built-in SD card reader (audio recording,timer recording,CSV memory data upload/download,firmware updates)
・Clock,calendar (sleep timer,alarm,timer recording,reception logging on SD)
・Compact body 178(W)×50(H)×215(D)mm

Receiver System:

100kHz-18MHz Direct conversion
18MHz-1300MHz Triple super-heterodyne

Excellen image rejection and ultra-low internal spurii thanks to 1st I.F frequency set to 1.705GHz.

Pre-release specifications:


Video from Tokyo Ham Radio Fair 2014:



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