Live sporadic-e MUF software calculator (EN)

Live MUF is a DXC (cluster) telnet client developed by G7RAU which attempts to resolve propagation modes from spots and also attempts to calculate sporadic-e possibilities purely based on incoming data from the cluster. It has great circle mapping (GCM) built in to the app for live mapping of spots.

Live MUF also can be used as a world wide converse telnet client, ON4KST telnet client and DXC at the same time. For DXC it has it’s own built in telnet server so 1 connection to the internet and all intranet connections via this, as used by some contest stations.

G7RAU live MUF

The program connects to a DXC via a telnet gateway link and processes the spots that you see. Then the program decides whether the spot is a valid sporadic e spot and calculates MUF from the spot info, centre locator and where you should be beaming to work DX. It also calculates frequency of traffic (which is the highest frequency that is possible for you towards the calculated destination). This is meant as a guide to where to beam to and on what frequency but always remember that many hams don’t spot all qso’s so some of the qso’s that take place will show a higher MUF but are never spotted, also remember that sometimes the MUF can be high but due to low amateur activity there is no way to find out where the MUF is. In other words you need to be watching the lower bands and cluster etc etc to guess on what’s happening.

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