Appunti e Manuali

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10 Element 900 MHz Quagi.pdf25.3 Kb
144 MHz Stop-Band TVI Filters.pdf155.93 Kb
2.4GHz Pringles Can Antenna.pdf24.98 Kb
432 Collinear From Coax.pdf401.84 Kb
4800 Baud Modem Daughter Board.pdf11.27 Mb
6 Meter J-Pole.pdf58.97 Kb
68HC11 Programming Reference (Motorola) WW.pdf4.46 Mb
68HC11 Technical Docs (Motorola, 1996) WW.pdf776.99 Kb
7 dB For 7 Bucks.pdf828.67 Kb
8051 Interfacing and Applications (1991) WW.pdf3.21 Mb
A 146 and 445 MHz J-Pole Antenna.pdf210.79 Kb
A Beginners Course In Assembly Language.pdf3.81 Mb
A Compact Two Element 2-Meter Beam.pdf3.24 Mb
A Doppler Radio Direction Finder.pdf907.82 Kb
A Five-Element 2-Meter Yagi.pdf441.71 Kb
A Five-Element Quad Antenna for 2-Meters.pdf298.46 Kb
A No-Tune 2-Meter Bandpass Filter.pdf122.23 Kb
A PIC Based HF-VHF Power Meter.pdf2.1 Mb
A PIC Of An IDer.pdf104.49 Kb
A PIC SWR Meter.pdf349.09 Kb
A PIC16F84-Based CW Decoder.pdf458.96 Kb
A Portable Quad For 2 Meters.pdf1.14 Mb
A Rugged Compact Attenuator.pdf201.22 Kb
A Single Stage 1500W Amplifer For 160-80-40 Meters.pdf530.56 Kb
A Six Meter Moxon Antenna.pdf1.22 Mb
A Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur.pdf440.63 Kb
A Step Attenuator You Can Build.pdf185.37 Kb
A Three And Half Band Yagi.pdf502.95 Kb
A Tri-Yagi For 50 MHz.pdf845.8 Kb
APRS Protocol Reference.pdf3.03 Mb
Active Audio Filters.pdf899.34 Kb
Active Filters.pdf972.64 Kb
Add Remote Cotntrol to Your ICOM Transceiver.pdf544.55 Kb
Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Manual - ARRL (1995) WW.pdf299.47 Kb
An Active Attenuator For Transmitter Hunting.pdf156.76 Kb
An Applications Guide for Op Amps - (Natl Semiconductor) (1969) WW .pdf197.31 Kb
An Audio Noise Based Voting Circuit.pdf211.79 Kb
An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters.pdf2.03 Mb
An Easy Dual-Band VHF-UHF Antenna.pdf1.03 Mb
An Inexpensive TDR.pdf150.43 Kb
Analisi elettrica degli accordatori d'antenna - IW5EIK.pdf407.89 Kb
Anatomy Of A Repeater.pdf1.5 Mb
Antenna HALF SLOPER - I2WOQ.pdf8.05 Mb
Antenna Theory and Design - Wang Junjun.pdf7.35 Mb
Antenne - dalla scintilla alla canna da pesca IK1QLD.pdf370.08 Kb
Anytone ATD878UV User Manual A2 180930.pdf1.03 Mb
Army Surplus CW.pdf208.38 Kb
Arrow Antenna.pdf1.19 Mb
Audio Levels.pdf560.05 Kb
Automotive RFI Elimination.pdf1.25 Mb
BIOS Data Area Information.pdf495.17 Kb
BS 1770 vs CBS meter V2 - White Paper.pdf492.4 Kb
Barry Blesser-eContact Loud Music.pdf50.05 Kb
Basic Intro. To Filters - Natl. Semiconductor (pamphlet) (1991) WW.pdf399.27 Kb
Build An Alphanumeric Pager Decoder.pdf4.21 Mb
Build The FoxTTL Foxhunt Transmitter.pdf265.9 Kb
Build The Montreal Fox Controller.pdf307.21 Kb
CATV Leakage-A Two Way Street.pdf178.23 Kb
Capacitor Basics.pdf52.06 Kb
Care and Feeding of the one bit DAC [jnl article] - J. Thompson (1995) WW .pdf215.88 Kb
Cheap And Easy High-Speed Data Connection.pdf2.12 Mb
Cheap Antennas for LEO Satellites.pdf371.35 Kb
Clean Up Your Signals With Band-Pass Filters.pdf102.54 Kb
Communications System Using Gunplexer Transceivers.pdf5.49 Mb
Copper Loops For 222 and 440MHz.pdf1006.4 Kb
Corso 1 - Introduzione alle reti di telecomunicazioni - IZ3MEZ.pdf604.93 Kb
Corso 2 - Architetture e protocolli - IZ3MEZ.pdf3.4 Mb
Corso 3 - Reti LAN - IZ3MEZ.pdf171.71 Kb
Corso 4 - Cenni sulle principali tecnologie di rete - IZ3MEZ.pdf234.71 Kb
Corso 5 - Sicurezza Reti - IZ3MEZ .pdf374.18 Kb
Corso 6 - VPN connessioni - IZ3MEZ.pdf388.02 Kb
D-STAR Antennas.pdf413.82 Kb
D-STAR Digital Data-CryptoUP.pdf523.15 Kb
D-STAR Digital Voice versus Analog FM Sensitivity.pdf127.72 Kb
D-STAR For VHF-UHF.pdf269.61 Kb
D-STAR New Modes for VHF-UHF.pdf1.54 Mb
D-STAR Shogen.pdf84.04 Kb
D-STAR Technical Chararistics.pdf225.04 Kb
D-STAR.pdf866.83 Kb
D-Star New Modes for VHF-UHF.pdf1.54 Mb
DBX 286A Manual.pdf1000.65 Kb
DMR - ETSI - General System Design.pdf828.91 Kb
DMR - ETSI - Part 1 DMR Air Interface AI protocol.pdf1.49 Mb
DMR - ETSI - Part 2 DMR voice and generic services and facilities.pdf726.46 Kb
DMR - ETSI - Part 3 DMR data protocol.pdf614.16 Kb
DMR - ETSI - Part 4 DMR trunking protocol.pdf4.14 Mb
DMR Amateur Radio Guide.pdf297.55 Kb
DMR Brandmeister Description.pdf799.85 Kb
DTMF Converter And HF-Link Controller.pdf103.44 Kb
DXCluster Manuale utente v2 - IZ3MEZ.pdf352.09 Kb
Defining Your Function Keys.pdf625.74 Kb
Dielectric Lens Antennas.pdf1.6 Mb
Different Grounds For Different Shacks.pdf412.67 Kb
Digital Signal Processing.pdf10.18 Mb
Dipole Antenna for 40 80 160 meter.pdf557.17 Kb
Diversity Antenna.pdf1.45 Mb
Double-Ducky Direction Finder.pdf247.43 Kb
Dual Band J-Pole.pdf19.79 Kb
Dual-Band Twin Lead Antenna.pdf643.51 Kb
E4000 Elonics -Low Power CMOS Multi Band Tunner - Datasheet.pdf1.36 Mb
E4000 Elonics - Low Power CMOS Multi Band Tunner - Datasheet.pdf1.36 Mb
E4000 Elonics - Schema Rev4.pdf21.68 Kb
E4000 Elonics - Shema Rev4.pdf21.68 Kb
EBU Tech 3344 Italiano.pdf993.41 Kb
EBU Tech 3344.pdf832.58 Kb
EME - Guida Operativa di IK1UWL.pdf475.06 Kb
Electric Fence Interference-A Case History.pdf270.09 Kb
Entertainment And Interference -The Two Faces Of CATV.pdf406.52 Kb
Error Correcting In Data Transmission.pdf7.16 Mb
Fractal Antennas Part-1.pdf10.8 Mb
From Ether to Ethernet.pdf579.75 Kb
HAM Digital Mode Interface v.2.7 beta 2.pdf44.3 Kb
HSMM Radio Equipment.pdf1.4 Mb
High Power Magnetron Transmitter.pdf9.27 Mb
Home-brew Spectrum Analyzer.pdf388.77 Kb
IEEE 802.11 Experiments In Virginias Shenandoah Valley.pdf6.29 Mb
IEEE 802.11 Friend Or Foe.pdf2.31 Mb
Icom IC-7300 Full Manual ENG.pdf23.49 Mb
Icom IC-7300 Manuale Italiano.pdf38.6 Mb
Icom IC-7300 Preselection Filters by W7KEC.pdf464.46 Kb
Icom IC-7300 Schematic Diagram 2.pdf1.23 Mb
Icom IC-7300 Service Manual.pdf13.36 Mb
Icom IC-7300 Test Report by DC4KU.pdf1.71 Mb
Icom IC-9700 Advanced Manual ENG.pdf24.01 Mb
Icom IC-9700 Manuale Italiano.pdf14.87 Mb
Icom IC-9700 Service Manual.pdf10.18 Mb
Inexpensive Basic Stamp Controller.pdf143.89 Kb
Intermodulation Reviewed.pdf156.86 Kb
Introduction To Surface Mount Devices.pdf2.45 Mb
K1POO 4 Band Off Centre Fed Windom Dipole (40-20-15-10m).pdf2.21 Mb
K9YC Jim Brown - Coaxial Transmitting Chokes.pdf2.68 Mb
Kenwood - All modification.pdf11.56 Mb
Kenwood - SMC-34 Service Manual.pdf575.62 Kb
Kenwood - TS-2000 Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf2.67 Mb
Kenwood - TS450S Block Diagram.pdf1.34 Mb
Kenwood - TS450S Schematic Diagram.pdf792.94 Kb
Kenwood - TS450S TS690S Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf18.62 Mb
Kenwood - TS450S TS690S Service Manual.pdf33.83 Mb
Kenwood - TS450S TS690S User Manual English.pdf4.37 Mb
Libreria riferimento Python Italiano.pdf3.02 Mb
Locating Power Line Noise Using TV Waveforms.pdf431.6 Kb
Lowes Loop for 432MHz.pdf2.48 Mb
Measuring 9600 baud BER Performance.pdf1.68 Mb
Microprocessor-Controlled Repeater Voting System.pdf959.03 Kb
Microwave Spectum Analyzer On A Budget.pdf3.45 Mb
Minature UHF Fox Transmitter.pdf634.96 Kb
N0GSG DSP Radio Direction Finder.pdf2.12 Mb
N0GSG Portable Radio Direction Finder.pdf410.22 Kb
NanoVNA - Italiano - Onorio Cenni I4CIV.pdf1.15 Mb
NanoVNA v2 USER MANUAL (ita) S-A-A-2 ver1 - IZ1UUJ.pdf674.54 Kb
PK232 Tech Reference Manual.pdf4.45 Mb
PTT Control From Receiver Audio.pdf548.1 Kb
Pager Handbook for the Radio Amateur.pdf276.22 Kb
Pocket-Size VHF SWR Meter.pdf205.13 Kb
Ponte Radio Ducati RT 626 - Manuale.pdf1.79 Mb
Ponte Radio Ducati RT 626 - Schema.pdf3.69 Mb
Poor Mans Spectrum Analyzer.pdf8.71 Mb
Problem Solvers for Wire Antenna Installations.pdf100.92 Kb
Protocols FT4 FT8 QEX.pdf410.34 Kb
RFI - Intermodulation.pdf110.79 Kb
RTL2832U - Digital Down Conversion SDR.pdf182.84 Kb
RTL2832U - SDR - Setting.pdf7.46 Kb
Radio Kit Elettronica 1-2014.pdf8.02 Mb
Radio Kit Elettronica 6-2012.pdf8.24 Mb
Radio Kit Elettronica 6-2013.pdf8.95 Mb
Ridurre le interferenze HF.pdf2.58 Mb
SMT You Can Work With.pdf1.08 Mb
SPI And The Printer Port.pdf1.62 Mb
Siemens d2108 w2108.pdf3.26 Mb
Six Meters From Your Easy Chair.pdf120.38 Kb
Spread Spectrum Communications.pdf8.55 Mb
Super-J-Pole.pdf18.8 Kb
Surface Mount Technology-You Can Work With It.pdf958.67 Kb
Surface-Mount Technology Primer.pdf3.82 Mb
Talking Repeater Controller.pdf2.05 Mb
The Arrow Antenna.pdf1.19 Mb
The FOXBOX.pdf1.71 Mb
The Four Way DFer.pdf375.34 Kb
The Global Positioning System.pdf14.61 Mb
The Magnetron-A Low Noise Long Life Amplifier.pdf427.32 Kb
The PortaPeater.pdf3.73 Mb
The Serial Port-Breakfast Of Champions.pdf121.65 Kb
The Simple Simplex Repeater.pdf949.85 Kb
Tracing And Eliminating Power Line Interference.pdf345.45 Kb
Transceiver - S-Meter Calibration & IARU Standards (By Larry E. Gugle K4RFE).pdf144.87 Kb
Troubleshooting Electrical Noise.pdf73.58 Kb
Try Copper For 2-Meters-The Cu Loop.pdf1.65 Mb
Tutorial Python Italiano.pdf349.44 Kb
Two Meter Tracking Transmitter.pdf266.78 Kb
UHF Modems For Amateur Radio Stations.pdf491.13 Kb
Ubuntu Sever Guide.pdf1.3 Mb
Understanding SWR by Example.pdf970.77 Kb
Understanding and Solving RF Interference Problems -RFI - Ferrites - Audio - Baluns - Ham.pdf2.5 Mb
Universal Radio Programmer.pdf224.74 Kb
Unix Linux Command Reference.pdf69.09 Kb
Use Of Pringles Containers To Enhance Network Security.pdf1.56 Mb
VOIP and Amateur Radio.pdf356.51 Kb
Voice Track-Talking Controller.pdf361.64 Kb
W4RNL L. B. Cebik - Windom - Ethereal Adornments.pdf253.23 Kb
WB2REM Remote Link.pdf528.38 Kb
What does your SWR cost.pdf146.12 Kb
Wire Antennas for the Beginner.pdf1.7 Mb
World Audio Level Reference.pdf63.57 Kb
Yaesu - DMU-2000 Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf1.71 Mb
Yaesu - DMU-2000 Service Manual.pdf1.38 Mb
Yaesu - DMU-2000 User Manual.pdf2.45 Mb
Yaesu - FT-857 Service Manual English.pdf12.43 Mb
Yaesu - FT-857D Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf3.72 Mb
Yaesu - FT-950 Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf7.21 Mb
Yaesu - FT-950 Menu Mode.pdf317.09 Kb
Yaesu - FT-950 Service Manual.pdf12.04 Mb
Yaesu - FT-DX3000 Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf17.16 Mb
Yaesu - FT-DX5000 Manuale Utente Italiano.pdf20.87 Mb
Yaesu - SM-5000 Operating Manual English.pdf1.27 Mb
Yaesu - USB Driver Installation Manual.pdf797.31 Kb

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