Log4OM – Complete management of the station log (EN)


Log4OM is free software developed by Daniel Pistollato IW3HMH (team Terry G4POP, Chuck K7PT, Claus EI7JZ, Rolf LA9FFA, Peter G3ZSS)  for the complete management of the station log. The application is developed in C # and is compiled for any Windows operating system, XP and above (Vista, Windows 7 & 8 ++++).

The software will only run on Linux machines using the “Wine” Windows emulator or Mac OS X machines using “Parallels” emulation software or using “Boot Camp” The Log4om team do not provide support for the program when its being run on Linux or Mac machines.

Log4OM is designed to be easy to understand, as well as easy to adapt, to the requirements of the individual. QSOs are personal and so no constraints have been made to prevent the user from accessing QSOs (Including by direct access to whatever database source is used).


Each set, list or database of the program is stored in text files or XML (with the exception of the configuration file which for security is saved in binary encoding with a BASIC 64). The information is saved in the configuration files and can be recovered by using a special button on the settings screen.

This approach allows the user to modify the list of contests, operating modes, bands, band plans, views of the QSO and all other available information. This information is freely accessible and usable by other programs, and can be updated independently by the user if required.

The database used for storing the QSO is SQLite, which is open Source. Free tools are available to read and write data in the database on the Internet.

The more advanced users may wish to use the MySQL support included in the program, which makes a networked logbook for multiple stations possible.

Log4OM is constantly evolving and new versions with new features are being released regularly. The author endeavours to maintain compatibility with previous versions of the database. However, before performing an update, it is important to make a backup copy of the data because the publisher takes no responsibility for lost data.

Main Features:

  • Runs on Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7 x86 and Win 7 x64 operating systems.
  • Integrated with ClubLog, HRDLog.net, HamQTH & QRZ.com.
  • Radio CAT control with either Hamlib or OmniRig.
  • Cluster Scanner function displaying adjacent stations.
  • Cluster Alerts to screen, email or by Push to mobile phones
  • Integrated with SDR-Radio Consul software by Simon Brown G4ELI
  • Full SOTA support.
  • Integration with HRDLog for automatic upload of QSOs and status notification ‘ON AIR’.
  • Complete QSO search facilities.
  • Net Control.
  • SO2R (Beta).
  • Export to ADIF, CSV and PDF either the complete log or part of the log.
  • Automatic eQSL, LOTW, HamQTH, Clublog and HRDLog upload and download.
  • Multiple configurations (Profiles) for different locations and calls.
  • Advanced cluster filters for Country, mode, band, spotter, IOTA, SOTA etc.
  • Configurable cluster alerts by email, audio, visual and messaging.
  • Integration with HRDLog propagation and display graphics.
  • Automatic display of LOTW users in cluster display.
  • Special call List, ClubLog call exceptions, Country, IOTA and LOTW user files updates.
  • Comprehensive QSO status by DXCC entity/Band/mode for each QSL (QSL cards, eQSL, LOTW).
  • Full QSL management of the QSO data available with different methods of delivery of the most appropriate QSL, including merging of QSO data.
  • Support for the inclusion of historic QSO data, either automatically or by manual insertion.
  • Super Cluster derived from HRDLog.com.
  • Label Printing.
  • Integration with external software such as DM780 and FLdigi (MixW to come) for digital modes, Hamlib or OmniRig for rig control and PSTRotator for fully automatic rotator control.
  • Real time grey line presentation.
  • Webcam support and upload to HRDLog.net.

More info: www.log4om.com

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